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What Type of Wood is Best for Furniture?

What Type of Wood is Best for FurnitureFor those of you who like the interior of the house with wood accent, surely you want to find out what’s the common wood used for furniture to get the best result in quality. Many wooden furniture are sold. However, not all types of wood are suitable for furniture. You certainly need foresight in choosing the type of wood used as furniture so that it is durable and got a good quality.

There are many types of wood that come from trees that grow in Indonesia. Unfortunately only a few types of wood that have the best quality that can be used as furniture. At the beginning, the furniture craftsmen used solid wood. However, the availability of solid wood is not always easy to find to meet consumer needs.

Started from this case, wood craftsmen try to find other solutions by utilizing several types of wood that can be used and suitable for furniture. Based on our experience for years as a leading Indonesia furniture manufacturer, here are some types of wood that are suitable for furniture and could be your choice to find good and durable furniture.

The types of wood that are suitable for furniture with a luxurious appearance
1. Teak wood
For most people, they will recognize the quality of this type of wood. Teak is indeed widely used as a frame for furniture. Teak wood is even one of the premium types of wood originating from Southeast Asia. Teak wood has been widely recognized by many countries because of its quality.

This type of wood has a layer of oil that is resistant to water and looks bright. Teak wood is also resistant in a long time and is not easy to rot and termite resistant. The color of teak wood itself is interesting because of its reddish brown color. Has a thick fiber texture that is hit-resistant, teak wood is very suitable for furniture.

2. Mahogany wood
The type of wood that is suitable for furniture other than teak is mahogany. Mahogany wood is easily processed into furniture because it has smooth wood fibers. If it is still in the form of a logs, the selling price of mahogany is cheaper than teak. But after the form of furniture, the price can soar high.

3. Nyatoh wood (Palaquim sp)
Nyatoh wood is a type of wood that has beautiful wood fiber. Besides that the fiber is also slippery and has a smooth texture. At first glance the character of nyatoh wood is similar to teak because it is brownish red. This type of wood is suitable for furniture because it is resistant to termites and other insects. The strength level of Nyatoh wood is quite low, so it’s mostly used as material for making plywood, paper, parquet and other household furniture.

Choice of wood for minimalist furniture
4. Pine wood
Best Wood for Furniture Pine Wood
Pine wood that you often find in some places is also grouped in the type of wood that is suitable for furniture. Besides the availability of pine wood in nature, the price is somewhat cheaper than teak and mahogany. Pine wood that has been used as furniture has a minimalist impression.

What makes the attraction of this pine wood is having a bright and smooth wood color. Its soft texture makes it easy to make furniture.

5. Cedar wood
Cedar wood is widely used for making wardrobe. Cedar grows in the Mediterranean or Himalayan regions. Some characteristics of cedar wood; it is resistant to any weather, not easily weathered, resistant to termites, has a fresh aroma and has good moisture.

6. Sungkai wood (Peronema canescens)
Sungkai is wood that can be an alternative choice if teak is considered quite expensive. Sungkai wood is very suitable as furniture for your home interior. This type of wood has bright colors like white with pale yellow. Sungkai wood also has a light weight.

Durable wood species
7. Ramin wood
ramin wood for furniture production
This type of wood is found in Sumatra and Kalimantan. Ramin wood has a yellow color with a smooth fiber texture. The type of wood that can grow up to 45 meters is popular because it has a smooth and shiny wood surface. The price of ramin wood is cheaper than teak wood.

8. Oak wood
If you want furniture that is durable, this type of oak can be your choice. Having the characteristics of hard wood, strong and durable makes many people use this wood in their homes. Oak wood has beautiful fiber lines, coupled with painting techniques, this wood looks shiny and beautiful.

9. Merbau (Intsia palembanica)
Merbau wood is a type of hard wood with high quality. Some areas in Maluku and Papua call it as iron wood. Has a brownish yellow color, this type of wood has a rough texture. But after being processed the surface can be slippery and shiny.

Merbau wood has a fairly heavy weight, is very durable from weathering and is also quite resistant to termite attack. Usually merbau wood is used as interior furniture or as a wooden floor because of its original rough texture.


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