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Travertine Tiles – Beautiful And Trustworthy Accessory For Your Home!

Travertine Tiles - Beautiful And Trustworthy Accessory For Your HomeTravertine is a type of Marble that belongs to the limestone and calcium carbonate family. They are formed when minerals dissolved in the water collects in the ground and get deposited on the surface of the earth by rivers, geysers and springs. Travertine gets its colors from the presence of iron compounds or other impurities that are dissolved in it. They are found in fantastic colours like ivory, gold, beige and walnut. They are extracted from the earth’s crust as massive boulders and cut into square pieces as tiles. These tiles can be cross-cut or vein-cut. In cross-cut, the stone is cut along the grain of its bedding and on the exact layer that it is found in the earth, giving it a consistent color and feel. Whereas in the vein-cut type, the stone is cut across many levels of its bedding making it look more striped when carved in the form of tiles.

Travertine tiles are basically polished, honed, tumbled or brushed types. As the name suggests, polished tiles are smooth, shiny and flat, the honed tiles are also flat but with a matte finish while the tumbled and brushed tiles are flat but have a textured finish. These tiles have found application in buildings from a long time and in the current scenario, they are utilized for flooring, wall coverings, a protective shield on buildings, in the outdoors for paving pathways, in swimming pools and for counter tops. This natural stone is unique, charming and gives a fabulous effect when used for flooring. It is the best option for places having warmer climate as travertine has a cooling effect. Travertine has by far become one of the most popular options in recent times. These tiles have the caliber to produce a beautiful sight at both indoor and outdoor locations. Not only does it impart a rich and royal feel, but it is also extremely reliable and durable. Once installed properly, these types of tiles will go a long way and offer you happiness as far as designing your interior is concerned. Despite being a less expensive option than other marbles, Travertine flooring enhances the beauty of the house as much as the others do.

Proper installation of these tiles is mandatory and therefore if you are not confident enough about the process, it would be better to contact an expert in this area. Another very important point about the installations is that you should be extra cautious and make sure that the tiles are fixed in perfect alignment. Spend a little more if the similar sized tiles are finished but never fix tiles of different sizes. This will ruin the beauty of the tiles.

Likewise, proper maintenance and care is required after the installation of the tiles. Travertine tiles get disturbed with acid or citrus fruit juice and therefore these items should be avoided. You should collect maximum details about the installation and precautions for the travertine floors. These information are readily available over the Internet and can also be gathered from the retailers or manufacturers. You can collect complete details about its pros and cons available with different sources. Last but least, Travertine tiles are not merely popular because of its structural composition but, for its availability. They are easily found at every nook and corner of the world, and this wide-spread availability is the paramount reason for it amazing array of colours and grain patterns that are characteristic of this incredibly versatile rock.

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