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Effective and Simple Indoor Display Ideas for Fall

simple but effective indoor display ideas for fall

Effective and Simple Indoor Display Ideas for Fall

During the fall, you’ll have people coming and going in your home and you might even have a party or two. It’s nice to have touches of decor that show your fall spirit. These effective yet simple indoor display ideas will make you feel festive and proud to show off your home.

simple indoor display ideas for fall

Halloween Party Ideas
If you’re having a Halloween party, it’s a good idea to make plans to create a spooky display that brings in the feelings of the season and will make your guests impressed.

  • Table Card Holder – Buy some plain, clear, round Christmas ornaments with the ring on the top. Paint them in your party colors. You can use a stencil to put something spooky on the front or you can glue a big black spider to it. Use the round part at the top of the bulb to attach a name card to it using a glue gun, or by threading a thin ribbon through and tying it off.
  • Center Pieces – Get some plain glass canning jars and fill with cotton that you’ve stretched and torn so that it looks like spider webs. Add a plastic spider inside so that it looks like it’s going to climb out. Group them together in the center of the table. Put some small pumpkins, gourds, and other seasonal items around the jars for a perfect centerpiece for your party.
  • Food Tablescapes – One way to make a table look more inviting is to create dimension. Use overturned boxes, tiered dessert trays, and more to create different levels for the table. Then use different sizes and colors of serving dishes for your food. Sprinkle the table with little spiders you can buy at the dollar store. Add in some orange confetti and some torn cotton for spider web appearance. Then add in the plates of food. Twinkle lights hung above the table will add an extra-special touch.

Thanksgiving Party Ideas
If you’re hosting Thanksgiving this year, you may want to bring in some holiday flair into your décor. Here are some ideas to make it festive but simple.

  • Set Up a Buffet – Instead of bringing the food to the table, you can use a long card table covered with a plane burlap table cloth, and a festive holiday runner down the center. Place all the food on top of the buffet. Decorate the wall behind the buffet with fall leaves and twinkle light garland.
  • Stack Your Dishes – Dishes don’t have to match to make a beautiful table. Most people like to get up and get seconds from the buffet, so stack the dishes on top of each other at each setting. You can find extra dishes at the Goodwill or other thrift stores. If you mix and match the table with sizes and colors, everything will look good.
  • Set Up Stations – Another great idea is to set up different areas for different parts of the meal. An appetizer area in the living room, the main course in the dining room, dessert by the fire. Set it all up with some autumn décor such as gourds, pumpkins, apples, pinecones, and fall flowers to set the mood.

You can set up areas of interest in different places. In the bathroom, hang fall-colored guest towels and put out fall-scented hand soap, and add little touches throughout the house. Add some garland to family photo displays, and set up some potpourri in areas that people congregate to bring in the feeling of fall in the air they breathe.

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