White Mahogany Sideboard with Floral Carvings Anum

» Name: Mahogany Sideboard Anum
» Code: NM-SB06
» Category: Sideboard
» Set: As described
» Material: Solid wood
» Size (cm): Customizable
» Usage: Bed/family room
» Wood Type: Mahogany wood
» Upholstery: –

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Anum is a white mahogany sideboard with beautiful floral carvings. You can use this stunning piece as your TV stands or to save your personal stuff in your bed room. Captivate rose carvings spread beautifully around the front face of this item, while the legs use small yet detailed carvings to beautify this furniture.

This 4 doors sideboard comes with two-tone color combination. The table-top and legs finished in natural brown color, and front area which contain doors and 2 drawers finished in white to give spectacular perspective.

This drawers located on the edge of the sideboard, attached with a double-track rail from Drola to give smooth movement. All of the knob on this sideboard finished in white as well.

Specially created from fine mahogany wood, kiln-dried, and touched with special finish to deliver this beautiful and durable furniture. This white mahogany sideboard can be settled on bedroom, your private reading room, even on your family room.

Custom Furniture
You can change all the detail from our furniture products to suit your personal specs, which include colors, carvings, size and another detail. Please describe how you would really like it customized during the order submission. Do not hesitate to contact us using the contact form or get quick response via WhatsApp.

The advantages of our furniture
1The only kiln dry wood we use.
2All timber treated to minimize termites and crack.
3Hi quality material.
4Best possible construction technique.
5Skilled craftsman and experienced finishing guy.


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