Rococo Bed Set With Leather Upholstery Mardani


  • Name: Rococo Bed Set With Leather Upholstery Mardani
  • Code: NM-BD24
  • Category: Bed
  • Set: Night stand
  • Material: Solid wood
  • Size (cm): King size
  • Usage/Application: Home or hotels
  • Wood Type: Mahogany wood/teakwood
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Mardani is a rococo bed set in antique walnut finish with brown leather. Lot of beautiful carving started from its footboard till the headboard. Specially created from fine mahogany wood, kiln-dried, and touched with special finish to deliver this beautiful and durable furniture. Strong carvings precisely crafted to present rococo style while the luxury shown up by its elegant leather which tied by faux gems. This bed is flanked by 2 rococo night stand as the set of Mardani

Custom Furniture
You can change all the detail from our furniture products to suit your personal specs, which include colors, carvings, size and another detail. Please describe how you would really like it customized during the order submission. Do not hesitate to contact us using the contact form or get quick response via WhatsApp.

The advantages of our furniture
1 The only kiln dry wood we use.
2 All timber treated to minimize termites and crack.
3 Hi quality material.
4 Best possible construction technique.
5 Skilled craftsman and experienced finishing guy.


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