Gold Wedding Sofa Lounge Elhuda

Material Mahogany Wood
Fabric Polyester
Finishing Gold Finish
Carving Hand Carved
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Elhuda is a gold wedding sofa lounge that made from mahogany wood. It brings you the collaboration of a good quality wood, shinny gold finish, and beautiful cream fabric. Custom color combination is also available to suit your home’s theme. The design of this wedding sofa lounge adopts Louis XV style that showed by its carving motif and curvy body.

Elhuda has sturdy construction to ensure the lifetime of this pieces. In the upholstery points, you’ll find a glamorous cream fabric while buttons attached on the backrest in this scene. The set contains with a pillow with cylindrical in shape. Since it’s purposed for a wedding sofa lounge, the floral carving motif becomes a must-have ornament. You’ll find this lovely carving motif almost in every inch of the frame. Beautify your wedding event with this mahogany gold wedding sofa lounge, and get the luxurious touch in every single moment with your soulmate.

Elhuda gold wedding sofa lounge is an luxury furniture made by our Indonesian talented craftsman to complete your furniture demands. The finish of this mahogany wedding sofa lounge is covered by top coat to keep the color last longer. You could request other finishing color according to your passion and theme.

Detail of this luxury home furniture:

Name Gold Wedding Sofa Lounge Elhuda
Code NT-LS04
Category Sofa Lounge
Size (cm) 190 W x 75 D x 110 H

5 things you should know about our furniture
1 The only kiln dry wood we use.
2 All timber treated to minimize termites and crack.
3 Hi quality material.
4 Best possible construction technique.
5 Skilled craftsman and experienced finishing guy.


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