Classic Wall Mirror Campbell

Material Mahogany Wood
Glass Beveled Glass
Finishing White Duco – Silver Finish
Carving Hand Carved
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This classic wall mirror is one of our furniture product named Campbell. Campbell classic wall mirror comes with white duco finish combined with silver tone for the ornament to cover the whole of this stunning mirror. Custom color combination is also available to suit your home’s theme.

Campbell classic wall mirror has adopted classic heritage mirror model that supported by calm white color and silver accent that confirms the mirror character. The design uses four column to separate this wall mirror into three parts.

Campbell has lovely carvings, stated in particular place to reveal the beauty of this piece. In the center-top of this mirror, you’ll find a beautiful crown -this is the center of notice- in this furniture product. In the edge of this item, there’s a floral carvings which brings different looks. Beautify your private room with this mahogany classic wall mirror, and get the luxurious touch in every single moment in your room.

Campbell classic wall mirror is an Indonesian furniture made by our talented craftsman to complete your furniture demands. The finish of this mahogany classic wall mirror is covered by top coat to keep the color last longer. You could request other finishing color according to your passion and theme.

Detail of this luxury home furniture:

Name Classic Wall Mirror Campbell
Code NT-MR04
Category Mirror
Size (cm) 127 W x 5 D x 123 H


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