Please refer our payment and terms below. We accept Wired Transfer, Western Union, or L/C Payment (please contact us first). Click to check our success payment method.

  1. Payment terms.
    We use 40-40-20 down payment of total invoice.
    » 1st DP,40% (initial payment)
    » 2nd DP,40% (due to progress)
    » 3rd DP,20% (at the time shipment-ready process (before we send shipping docs.)
  2. Price terms.
    Wu use FoB price based on Semarang Port. If you preferred CIF terms, you should ask our marketing team for CIF inquiry.
  3. Lead time.
    60 days for first initial/trial order after receiving deposit payment. Afterwards, 4×40′ containers can be shipped every month based on regular order
  4. Freight forwarder.
    We will sincerely help you arranging the shipment. We strongly recommend you to use our regular shipping partner to deliver your goods. Here, we use Hartrodt as our shipping partner because of its reputation that has been maintained for years.
    However, we are in very good cooperation with many reliable freight forwarders and shipping agencies. We can get the best rate and service on this. Or, you are pleased to nominate the forwarder or shipping lines on your side. It’s such a technical matter, and nothing to worry about.
  5. Order cancellation.
    No refund on order cancellation.

Bank account details:
Will be written-down on the original invoice.

Success payment.