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Painting Techniques for Walls – Stylish Strokes

painting technique for wall stylish strokeThis article tells you how you can put simple household items to use to give the walls in your home a whole new look and feel. Painting your home is like giving your space a whole new life. Why make it plain and boring when there is so much more that you can do? Here are a few simple painting techniques that you can try to make you home design-unique and stylish:

  • Broken Color Painting
    This technique involves the use of different broken layers of colors over a single base color. This gives the wall a very interesting texture and varies depending on the number of colors used, contrasts and the types of paint used. For this technique, glazes and washed are preferred the most. Glazes are oil based paints that are mixed with linseed oil. They give a shiny texture to the wall and are somewhat transparent. Washes are regular latex paints that have been thinned using water. These paints are more delicate and also allow the brush strokes to be visible giving the wall greater depth and better appeal.
  • Sponge Painting
    This is a fast and simple technique that is, perhaps, one of the most popular techniques of painting the wall. All you need to do is apply a solid color base coat with a roller or brush and let it dry. Once it is dry, you can use lighter or darker colors of the same family and dab them on with the sponge to give it a mottled appearance. You can use glazes and washes and can also try multiple colors. Just make sure that each layer is completely dry before you apply the next one.
    Another technique is Sponging Off. For this, you should apply an even layer of glaze paint over the base coat and then, before it dries peel it off with the sponge. That exposes the base layer to give it a nice texture. For any type of sponge painting, it is better to use sea sponge instead of the synthetic ones for better texture.
  • Rag Painting and Rag Rolling
    This painting technique gives your wall some really dramatic textures depending on the fabric that you use. There are two things that are usually done – “ragging on” and “ragging off”. For ragging on, you need to dip your rag in glaze paint and just dab a surface with a dry solid base coat. For ragging off, you dampen you rag and peel off bits from an even layer of glaze paint applied on a dry solid base coat.
    Rag rolling is nothing but rolling your rag into sausage shapes of different sizes and using it for textures. To rag roll on, you dip your sausage shaped rag in glaze paint and roll it down the dry solid base coating and to rag roll off, you roll it over a layer of wet glaze coating to peel it off and expose the base layer. The best fabrics for this technique are linen, lace or any other fabric that is natural and free from lint.
  • Stippling
    This technique is great to add richness to your interior design. You will work from one end of the wall applying roughly 12 inches of the glaze or wash top coat on a dry base coal, each time. Before this layer dries, you use a soft bristled brush to ‘stab’ the paint, giving it a rich dotted texture.

So, there you have it, four simple techniques to beautify your home.

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