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How to Buy Indonesian Furniture Products

This is the most common question from our customer about our furniture products. The section of these questions and answers might useful for you if you want to buy furniture from Indonesia

1. What is your furniture made from?
We use selected wood materials and kiln-dry from mahogany, teak, pine and other qualified tropical wood.

2. Do you deal with plantation trees under government’s forestry management?
We will never use non-plantation timber or any sources which not environmentally sustainable.

3. Do you guarantee all of your products?
We warranty all of our items to be free of manufacturing defects. Damage in shipping is not covered. Damage from the wood acclimating to your climate is also not covered. See tips for care of solid wood furniture.

4. How do I claim the warranty?
Complaints due to the factory technical mistakes, can only accepted 3 weeks after the ETA (Expected Time of Arrival) by providing photographic evidence or detail of the problems. In the event of a claim, you shall first contact our customer service department. We wil replace items on subsequent orders.

5. What is your payment option?
50% down payment upon order and 50% balance payment after shipping docs completed

6. What is your production capacity?
10 containers of 40 height cube container per month.

7. What is your minimum order?
A full container load 20 feet, 5 pcs for minimum pieces for each item.

8. How long is the production lead-time and delivery time?
Our production lead-time is 5-6 weeks after confirming an order and delivery time is depend on your country port.

9. How many items will fit for a container 10 feet or 40 feet?
10 ft container = 30 cubic meters, 40ft container = 62 cubic meters, 40hc container = 74 cubic meters. The quantity of items will depend on the size of items you select. We can calculate the volume for your order once you have made your selection.

10. Can I make purchases online?
Yes, you can browse our web pages and purchase by sending the code of every item product and quantity. At the end, you will be notified the Purchasing Order (PO) generated by email and we will send you the Proforma Invoice based on your PO.

11. How can I find out the status of my order?
When you place an order with us, we will do our best to give you an approximate production stages and arrival time frame. This may change, however, and your items may arrive sooner, or sometimes a little later, than their original estimate.

12. Can you send me a catalog or any hard-copy of your products?
Our website is an online catalog showcasing the furniture we carry. All of the catalog is on the web.

13. How much is the shipping cost to my country port?
We will send you any additional shipping charges with your PO. Customers in the EU and Africa May receive discounts for freight.

14. How can I inspect your quality before ordering and then, just before being shipped?
You can assigned someone as quality controller and come to our factory or you can order samples which can be shipped to you at your cost via DHL, Fed Ex or other courier companies.

15. What is your packing system?
Our FOB price have included packing materials. We use a single corrugated carton or carton box and foam sheet to wrap the furniture. Stickers or labels indicating country of origin and product specifications (code, description, material, color, etc.) are sealed on the packaging.

16. Do you use any chemical materials in your container to absorb humidity or destroy insects?
Yes, we always fumigate the container and put absorber bags inside the container as well as silica gels inside the packed goods.

17. Where does your pricing come from?
Prices are based on free on board (FOB) – Semarang, Indonesia port of delivery by full container load (FCL) only; For less container load (LCL) there will be an extra charge for handling additional packing materials. We use to review all our price per semester and if there any increasing cost in raw materials and labors, the percentages of it will be added. Any increases will be announced.

18. What does FOB price cover?
Our FOB price has covered production and finishing process, packaging, labor cost, local transportation (trucking) from our factory to the port, fumigation, custom fee, documentation (B/L doc., COO, etc). You will pay the rest.

19. Can you guarantee you have quality products at competitive price?
Yes, that is why we posted our prices on the website. It proves our commitment to high quality products while maintaining competitive price. Shop before you buy because we are confident we have the best prices for high quality goods.

20. What is the best deal in purchasing?
In order to serve your order better, it would be better if we could have your sale program of 12 months, revised every three months. This will allow us to schedule our production and have better delivery time. Also it is very important that we have your reconfirmation of order 8 weeks prior to the shipping date. Our present capacity of production is about 240 x 40′ hq containers per year, therefore it is important for us to have your yearly program.

21. I am planning a trip to Indonesia soon. How do I find your factory?
We can arrange to have someone pick you up at the nearest airport or your hotel and accompany you to our factory (+- 2 hours driving from airport). Or simply call us upon your arrival and we may give you directions.

22. Can you manufacture custom-designed items?
Yes. We will need specific details including technical drawings, detailed specifications and exact measurements. It’s more helpful if it comes with some photos. All custom pieces are considered prototypes and pricing will depend on the volume of the order.