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DIY to Make Your Bookcase Antique in Easy Way

make your bookcase antiqueOne of ideas to make your old bookcase becomes antique is to restore your old bookcase and refinish it. It can make your bookcase stronger and keep it last longer. It can also give a touch of antique and for several reasons you maybe want to give it a modern looks by adding some glass doors. Besides it will add a fresh look to your room and it can be used to rely on it for many years. You can also do it in a few hours and relatively will not be expensive compared to buying for the new ones. You can make your bookcase antique and make repairs, while decorating it in any way you desire.

Here are some steps you need to do that. First, decide the condition of the old bookcase and give a note for any needed repairs. Evaluate and analyze all each parts of this furniture including broken shelves or even the shelves’ rail. Check and recheck also for the nails and sand that damaged spots to find out inconsistencies or broken of old paint. Next, set your workspace. For example, if you work in indoors, find or make a place that give you the ability to make some free movement by adjusting your furniture and other stuffs’ positions. Have an area set aside for your additional supporting tools. Use drop cloth or rug to protect the floors, and use painters tape to keep your walls from paintbrush strokes. Splash down the bookcase with a damp cloth to clean the dirty and other impurities. Things to remember, if you are in painting process, you can use a damp cloth, while if you are in staining process, always rub it with a dry cloth –here you need a lot of dry cloth to stain the paint.

Next step is to sand this bookcase. If you are staining this old furniture, you will require to sand off all of the previous treatments like color or varnish. But if you purposed to re-paint your old bookcase, this new paint will mask previous treatments, so you are not necessary to sand the whole wooden area. Remember, paint or stain your object only using quality brushes. Quality brushes will give it a better look to your projects and you will not have to worry about losing hairs from your brushes. You are allowed to make a long-drawn, and maybe put more power to give a wood stain or paint. Ensure to apply treatment to the edges and challenging areas, such as decorative imprints first.

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