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Bamboo Shades for Energy Efficiency

Bamboo Shades for Energy EfficiencyYou hear a lot of talk about global warming and environmental degradation, but if we don’t make changes in the way we live, we aren’t moving forward at all. Of course, we should cut gas consumption by reducing driving. We can decrease our fuel consumption by driving slower. If we can get a good percentage of the people to make just one of the easy changes in their lives and homes, it will have a large effect on the planet. Our houses use tons of energy. If we can decrease the amount of energy that we use, we can cut down on our impact on the earth. Choosing bamboo shades is one of the small important changes you can make. While many types of blinds can offer some of these features, only natural bamboo shades can do it all while still remaining within your budget.

Consider the many things one can do to improve the environment. The most common are the three Rs, which are to reduce, reuse and recycle. Well, when it comes to window treatments, there is a lot more you can do. Using rapidly renewable resources, doing more to insulate from the UV elements, and allowing the use of natural light as well as providing privacy are all steps that one can do to have better ecofriendliness. A low impact, or footprint, will result from this effort, and all will be pleased that the result is beautiful and practical as well.

Bamboo shades can lower your energy bills, by blocking sunlight and thus reducing the amount of energy you need to cool your home. It’s common for people to use some equipment of electricity to cool their homes in the hot summer time. When bamboo shades block sunlight, they are able to block both light and heat. Bamboo shades can filter out all of the light while factory-made shades only block approximately from a quarter to nine tenths. The more heat you block, the less you need to spend to cool your house. All this can be accomplished by using shades of woven wood. Also when you block light and heat, you actually extend the life of your furnishings.

Whenever you want to change your clothes, the first step is to close the blinds so that you’re not naked in front of the windows. Next, most people turn on the lights, using electricity. Bamboo shades provide privacy without blocking all the natural light, saving on the electric bill. Unlined bamboo shades allow some natural light to enter into a room. They provide privacy for the home, and save on energy costs by filtering out some of the unwanted light.

The last to think about is what happens to bamboo shades when it’s time for new blinds. The shades are almost 100% biodegradable. You will have the peace of mind of knowing that your blinds will not pile up in a landfill when they are discarded, as the bamboo and threads that make up the shades decompose very quickly. The metal and plastic parts that do not decompose are relatively small. Bamboo shades are biodegradable, converting to environmentally friendly waste. Instead of a bunch of plastic that will last for thousands of years, choose natural bamboo shades because they are biodegradable.

Choosing the right shades is one component of a plan to make our homes more energy efficient. Bamboo shades do a great job. Shades made of woven wood can block part of the sunlight and provide you with privacy. You can recycle bamboo shades. Bamboo shades are excellent at providing light control so cooling bills may be controlled. All in all, it’s a great environmental choice to use shades made of bamboo.

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