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Antique Minimalist Teakwood Sofa Tutwuri

Antique Teak Wood Sofa Tutwuri with Leather

Antique Minimalist Teakwood Sofa Tutwuri

Antique Minimalist Teakwood Sofa TutwuriIn this chance, we would like to show you the upholstery process for one of our sofa series. It was Tutruwi which is made from hi-quality teak wood as the sofa’s frame. It has been built for 3 seater person, and of course it has 3 backrest as well.

Its finished in black stain finish added with distressed grey color. For the upholstery itself, we use pure leather as requested by our client. In the backrest area, we use synthetic rattan to bring more ethnic accent. You could check the video below.
[youtube id=”u8L5NYMNlAk”]

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