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All About Teak Furniture Treatment Explained

All About Teak Furniture Treatment Explained

All About Teak Furniture Treatment Explained

All About Teak Furniture Treatment ExplainedIt is undeniable, teak furniture has a high beauty value if applied to the interior design on your home. Besides having a high aesthetic value, teak furniture is also known to last for decades. It’s quite fair that teak wood enthusiast remains high despite the price is expensive enough. Unfortunately many people have the wrong understanding, that because of the durability of teak wood, they do not need to treat it at all. So, let’s correct our perception, that teak furniture treatment is a must to make it last longer and outstanding. Take it easy, the following will be explained in more detail how to care for furniture with this one material.

As an experienced Indonesia furniture manufacturer, we put the best approach to make our product long lasting. But in fact, teak furniture also requires routine treatment by the end-user to reach the maximum usage time. If you have teak furniture at home, don’t leave your furniture in a long pile without ever being cared for. Take the following treatments to make your teak furniture look nicer and last longer.

Notice the room temperature
Place teak furniture in a normal temperature room, not hot or cold. Hot air can make the oil content in wood dry up fast causing the wood color to fade quickly and dull.
While temperatures that are too cold can accelerate the oxidation process which can cause mold and termite breeding or other wood insects.

Clean the dust regularly.
Clean the dust and dirt from teak furniture regularly. You can use cloth, feather duster, or soft cotton cloth so it doesn’t cause scratches on the wood surface. Use a small, soft brush to clean the carved sidelines if any. You can use pledge (special wood cleaning fluid) to make the furniture more hygienic.

Spray the liquid as needed then wipe with a cloth and let it dry. Note, avoid using furniture cleaners that contain solvent ingredients such as methanol, toluene, acetone. These chemicals do indeed clean stains on wood furniture quickly but can damage the surface layer of teak wood.

Warm water
Use warm water with a soft cloth to clean the lacquered teak furniture. Do not get too wet cloth, you should first squeeze it rough before use it to wipe. The aim is to avoid water absorbing a lot into the pores of the wood.

Polish with teak oil
Polish teak furniture with teak oil to make the color of the furniture stay natural. The finishing or coating of outdoor wood furniture will fade away after a while. You can refinishing it once every 2-3 years to make it more beautiful.

Treat them well
Treat furniture well. For example, if you want to move a teak chair, the chair should be lifted from the stand, not just shifted or pulled on the back. To keep the surface of teak wood from scratches, you can add a base on it. For example, for a table you can apply a tablecloth or fabric motif. Sofas are given foam as a pedestal base. This method can minimize the possibility of furniture damaged slowly.

Use according to its function
Things that seem trivial, but give effect to the durability of your teak furniture. For example, do not use your desk as a platform when you change lamps. Use a ladder that has a special function to do this task.

That’s all the 6 simple way to keep your teak furniture last longer. If you are disciplined, then you will save a lot of budget to buy new furniture.

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