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8 Easy Tips to Improve Air Quality for Your Health

Grow ornamental plants

8 Easy Tips to Improve Air Quality for Your Health

Smooth air circulation certainly makes the air quality in your room better. This good air quality in your room turns out to affect body health. If you often get fresh air of course your body is more relaxed and you will be even more comfortable in the room!

Want to have a room with good air circulation? There are lots of easy ways you can do it. The quality and freshness of the air in your room can be maintained so that you are more comfortable in the room. Check out these 8 easy tips to improve air quality for your health below!

  1. Make sure the room is adequately ventilated
    Tips to Improve Air Quality room ventilation
    One of the requirements for good air circulation in the room and keep it fresh is to have an adequate ventilation system. It is important, if you are building a room or just become a boarder resident.

    How do you know if the ventilation is enough? Each room ideally must have at least 1-2 ventilation systems that depend on the area of ​​the room.

    Well, to maintain the freshness of the air, you need to do a routine inspection of ventilation conditions. Do not let the vents in your house filled with dust because it has never been cleaned. This obviously can make the air quality in the room so bad.

  2. Install active ventilation
    install active ventilation
    When you find a room that lacks of ventilation, you should install an exhaust fan. The functions of exhaust fan itself as an active ventilation that keeps circulation of the air in a room still running well.

    Besides exhaust fans, air conditioners also have the same role in maintaining room air circulation. However, you can make the exhaust fan as an active ventilation option at a lighter and economical cost.

  3. Service your air conditioner and fan regularly
    Service your air conditioner and fan regularly
    Do not just turn on the air conditioner and fan, you also have to routinely clean the air conditioner or exhaust fan in the room.

    AC has a filter that serves to filter impurities in the air. When not cleaned or maintained periodically, the filter and even the air conditioner will be damaged and cause the air in the room to be dirty.

    Similarly, the exhaust fan that will become a den of dust if rarely cleaned. Do not ignore the cleanliness factor which cause the malfunction of these equipment.

  4. Open the doors and windows
    Open the doors and windows
    Make sure you regularly open the door and window of the room, especially in the morning and evening. This is done to exchange the air in the room that is already saturated, with new air that is fresher.

    Opening the window can also reduce the humidity that settles in the room and affect your health condition.

    Even in the morning, it is very useful for your health. The body needs morning sun to produce vitamin D3 which is then converted into active vitamin D. The best time to be exposed to morning sun exposure is before 09.00.

  5. Clean the dust with a vacuum cleaner
    Clean the dust with a vacuum cleaner
    Dusty air in the room is an indication of poor air quality in the room. In addition to air circulation that is not smooth, rooms that are rarely cleaned can also be a cause of the amount of dust in the room.

    Check the dust from various items in the room that are rarely cleaned such as mattresses, blankets, to the carpet that may be carried in by the air.

    To keep the room air clean, make sure to regularly clean various items using a vacuum cleaner. You can clean the dust to various gaps in the room that are difficult to achieve.

  6. Use air purifier
    Use air purifier
    Besides being sophisticated, air purifier technology nowadays has many functions such as eliminating bacteria and fungi, removing odors, poisons, or other contaminants from the air.

    No wonder this tool has now become a mainstay choice to keep the air in the room and at home fresh. Although the price is not cheap, this tool is very useful and can be a long-term health investment for you.

  7. Grow ornamental plants
    Grow ornamental plants
    If the air purifier is too expensive for you, growing a variety of ornamental plants in the room could be a cheaper option, you know!

    Plants will photosynthesize to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide and supply good oxygen in the room. Choose indoor plants that don’t need too much sun to make them last longer.

  8. Routinely cleaning the trash
    Routinely cleaning the trash
    Trash in the room is something that you often think is trivial. However, if you rarely clean it, it’s potentially to make the air quality in the room worse.

    Garbage such as food scraps and food wrappers that accumulate in the trash must be diligently trashed out. In addition to causing unpleasant odors, garbage that ‘settles’ can contaminate the air in the room and trigger disease.

    In addition to cleaning trash regularly, it is also a good idea to choose a closed trash bin to keep the scent from being unpleasant and bacteria not polluting the air in the room.

Those are various ways you can do to maintain the air quality and fresh air in your room. Make sure the air circulation in your room keeps smooth and the room is always in clean condition.

This will be a simple step to bring healthy life with clean, fresh air!

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