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8 Bedroom Decoration Tips According to Character | Starting from the Feminine to The Mysterious

add k-pop for bedroom decoration

8 Bedroom Decoration Tips According to Character | Starting from the Feminine to The Mysterious

Does your bedroom match your personal character?
Everyone want to have a comfortable and charming bedroom. Not just for resting, a bedroom can also be a room that reflects our personality.

There is a sense of satisfaction and pleasure if we are able to pour character into bedroom decoration. To realize your dream bedroom, NusaMebel chose several inspirational bedroom decorations to suit your personality.

From the feminine type to the mysterious one, let’s look at 8 bedroom decorations tips that can be adjusted to your character below.

  1. Beautiful flower arrangement for the feminine’s bedroom
    8 Bedroom Decoration Tips According to Character: Feminine
    If your character is feminine, you definitely like this bedroom decoration! Decorate the walls of your bedroom with a variety of beautiful flower stems. You can arrange them around the mirror like the picture above.
    8 Bedroom Decoration Tips According to Character Feminine with flowerFor other inspiration, you can also put pretty flowers around the window. Additional small plants in pots will make your floral room more beautiful!
  2. Unique ornaments for Marvel superhero fans
    8 Bedroom Decoration Tips According to Character Marvel
    You’re a fan of Marvel, but don’t like collecting action figures? You can copy this bedroom decoration! Decorate the walls of your bedroom with various Marvel-themed ornaments. You can also make a Marvel-styled name decoration as above. The character of your bedroom is even more prominent with Marvel-themed bed sheets and bed covers. Looks simple, but still cool!
  3. A cozy little reading corner for bookworms
    8 Bedroom Decoration Tips add reading corner
    For book lovers, making a small reading corner in your bedroom would be a brilliant idea! Change your bedroom corner into a cozy and aesthetic reading place.
    reading corner in your bedroom
    You can make it in a pleasing style with cute cushions and warm rugs. You can also add a comfortable chair like the example above.
  4. Plain walls with your creativity streaked
    bedroom decoration with plain wall
    Are you the creative type who likes music? Make one side of your bedroom wall different from the other as your “canvas”. You can choose black so you can decorate it with colorful ink or chalk so it looks attractive. This special wall can be filled with pictures or lyrics of your favorite songs. This decoration will highlight your characteristics in the room, for sure!
  5. True K-Popers bedroom decoration
    add k-pop for bedroom decoration
    Your K-popers soul will shine, with room decorations like this! So that the photos of your idol aren’t messy, you can make it a decoration on the mash board like the example above. Place it on the study table and add various ornaments to make it more aesthetic. Exciting, isn’t it?
    In addition, you can arrange the posters neatly like the example above. Even better if you can frame it so that it looks more ‘exclusive’ and not messy.
  6. Bohemian style decoration for the eccentric
    bohemian decoration for bedroom
    Bohemian themed rooms are perfect for you who have a unique character. Ornaments to choose range from dream catchers or mandalas that make your character reflected in the design of the room.
    You can also apply carpets with bohemian style motifs. Add a touch of greenery so your room looks fresh!
  7. All-round Black for the mysterious
    all-round black for bedroom decoration
    The black and gray themed room decoration is perfect for you with mysterious and sophisticated character. To avoid being too dark, choose a window that is big enough for lighting. Also choose a bed sheet with a minimalist motif to match. Your room will be more comfortable if it suits you, right?
  8. A rustic bedroom for adventurers and nature lovers
    rustic bedroom theme
    Bedroom decoration with natural nuance is suitable for you who love natural beauty. Rustic brick wall designs and green plant decorations will make your room close to nature and create a comfortable ambiance.

    You can also add world map decorations to reflect the adventurous side of your bedroom. The use of wooden pallets as a bed also makes your room get more character!

Now that’s 8 bedroom decorations tips according to the character you can follow. What kind of room do you think reflects your personality?

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