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11 Home Maintenance Tips During the Rainy Season

Not just your health that needs to be maintained during rainy weather, but your home is. Moreover, we spend more time at home during the rainy days. So let’s talk about home maintenance tips in this rainy season.

Pay attention to the rain seepage, splashes of soil from the outside, or even damp on the walls of the room that makes the home so uncomfortable. So, let’s immediately overcome the problems that exist around our homes when the rainy season arrives with the following tips.

  1. Check the roof and ceiling of the house
    Check the roof and ceiling of the house
    Towards the rainy season, check the roof and ceiling of your house. Don’t let your house leak all day during the rainy season. For the roof, make sure there is no tiles that break or in shifted position.

    It’s a good idea to provide an anti-leak paint coating on the tiled joint so your roof is safe. If there is a leak or seepage of water during the rainy season, fix the ceiling immediately. If ignored, it might change the wall color and fungus arise soon.

  2. Check the walls of the house so it is not moldy and got damped
    Check the walls of the house so it is not moldy and got damped
    House walls are also prone to peeling and moldy during the rainy season. This is because rainwater enters from the outside wall and seeps into the inside.

    Seepage of water from the ceiling that flows through walls can also make the texture fragile if left unchecked. It’s best to coat your walls with leak-proof paint so it stays safe during the rainy season.

  3. Check electricity and electronic equipment
    Check electricity and electronic equipment
    Damp weather during the rainy season can cause electrical wiring to peel off and brittle. Therefore, make sure the power cable is tightly wrapped and neat. If you find damage, fix it soon or replace with the new one.

    Don’t forget to keep the electronics away from places that are easily wet so that they are not damaged. This step taken to minimize the risk of short circuit, fire and electric shock.

  4. Protect furniture especially those made of wood
    Protect furniture especially those made of wood
    Protect furniture that is easily damaged if exposed to water, especially those made of wood. Keep it away from places that are susceptible to splashing water, such as near a window or door. You can check how to treat your furniture to keep it last longer.

    If your house uses wooden floors, keep it dry. Timber that is left damp and is often exposed to water can decay and break easily, right?

  5. Clean before entering the house
    Clean before entering the house
    Before entering the house, first wash your feet till clean in front of the house, then dry the soles of your feet on the doormat. Also check if there is dirt attached due to rain on the road. Especially if you got heavy rain and water splash along your way home.

    Now almost all houses have a water tap in the front yard. However, if you don’t have one, just dry your feet on the doormat and go ahead to the bathroom to clean. That way your house will stay clean.

  6. Use footwear
    Use footwear
    Tips on caring for a house in the rainy season this one sometimes likes to be forgotten. Provide footwear or room slippers so that the floor of the house remains clean when there are people roaming inside the house.

    Choose footwear that is easy to absorb water and easy to clean. Remember, do not use these footwear outside the house to prevent dirt from entering the house.

  7. Provide special rack of wet goods
    Provide a special rack of wet goods
    It’s not a wise thing to put wet things recklessly during the rainy season? Instead, provide a special shelf to put wet objects and place it in front of the door of the house.

    Put umbrellas and raincoats on shelves so the floor of the house is not muddy. It is also important to maintain the cleanliness of the house during the rainy season.

  8. Pay attention to the use of carpet
    Pay attention to the use of carpet
    Using carpets in the rainy season does make you comfortable and warm. However, it will turn into a disaster if you can’t keep it clean, Yep, might be a source of germs and dirt!

    During the rainy season, the carpet will be more humid and easy to get bad smell. Actually, it’s better not to use carpet first so the floor of the home is easier to clean.

    If you still want to open up the carpet, pay close attention to its cleanliness and be more diligent to put it in the laundry.

  9. Use disinfectant when cleaning the floor of the home
    Use disinfectant when cleaning the floor of the home
    Humid room is a favorite place for germs to breed. Can you imagine, if your home has lots of germs? Could be a source of disease, you know!

    Well, to treat the home during the rainy season, be diligent in cleaning the house using disinfectants. Disinfectant is a chemical used to kill the germs. Free your home from disease!

  10. Make sure ventilation is functioning properly
    Make sure ventilation is functioning properly
    This tips sometimes like being ignored although it is important. Make sure your house’s ventilation is functioning properly during the rainy season.

    Ventilation act like a door to flow fresh air smoothly so your room’s air is not damp.

    If it’s a heavy rain, you can close the vent for a while. Then reopen if the rain has stopped so the air can exchange well.

  11. Prune the plants
    Prune the plants
    The last tips to maintenance your home during the rainy season is also important. During the rainy season, plants can grow quickly.

    Well, lush plants often become a favorite place for mosquitoes and insects. Plants that grow too high are also at risk of falling or being struck by lightning during the rainy season.

    Towards the rainy season, try to prune plants around the house so they do not become mosquito breeding grounds. It’s no need to be trimmed all everything. Your home will still be comfortable and beautiful, right.

That’s all 11 home maintenance tips during the rainy season that you need to practice. In addition, don’t forget to keep clean the home regularly. Don’t wait till it dirty and then you just decided to clean it up!

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