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10 Cheap Tips for Decorating A Room with A Vintage Design

If you often receive heritage items, which could be a furniture such as rattan chairs, or antique decorations like ancient paintings, don’t throw them away!

You better make these items as an element of vintage design in the room. It will definitely make the room look more comfortable and full of nostalgia.

The trick is not difficult, and most importantly, changing the room design to a vintage design does not require a lot of money.

Creating a Vintage Design in a Room Is Not Expensive
In vintage design, the elements of old items put into the room can evoke a cozy and a warm atmosphere. Most people often think that vintage design means antiques, and antiques usually have a price that is quite surprising and draining the contents of the wallet.

In fact, by adding items that you already have, it is actually enough to give a vintage impression. Even if you want to buy new goods, you are allowed to buy cheap item to arrange antiques nuance.

So, how do you present vintage designs without buying expensive antiques? Check the tips and tricks below:
1. Choose ancient-looking furniture
Choose ancient-looking furniture
Vintage design is identical to the use of antique furniture. But, to have antique-looking accent does not mean you have to buy antique furniture that is expensive.

You can use furniture that is already in the house but is poorly maintained so it looks shabby to give the feel of a vintage design that you want to present in your room.

Or, you can also choose furniture with a style that was famous in the past but is now obsolete. You can ask for grandmother’s furniture that is not used anymore, for example.

2. Right color settings
Right color settings for vintage design
In vintage designs, colors that are often used are soft colors, such as light blue, salted egg green, yellow, and pastel pink.

These colors are often applied to large furniture such as beds or cabinets, because soft colors will give the impression of a vintage, even in the absence of antique furniture.

3. Put vintage decoration
vintage mirror design
Most vintage designs always have distinctive decorations, like mirrors with carvings that look antique. If you live in a small room, choose a large mirror decoration that has antique carvings to match the vintage design but still give the impression of a spacious room.

4. Use retro electronic devices
retro electronic device
Because most vintage designs use antiquity, the use of retro electronic devices will also give the impression of a vintage in an instant. The electronics in question are convex TVs or ancient radios.

Finding these items is rather difficult, but if you want to look for them, you can find them at used goods market. Even if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t matter, because it can function as a decoration. Or you can buy a new one with retro casing. It’s starting to bloom for sale in the online market.

5. Don’t be afraid to use a motive
vintage design pattern
Unlike the minimalist design, vintage designs always use motifs throughout the object. Repeated floral, foliage and abstract motifs are often found in vintage design items.

If you don’t want to get dizzy, add this motif on the walls, curtains, pillowcases, or tablecloths. The goal is that this vintage design motif can be seen clearly.

6. Add mosquito nets on the bed
vintage mosquito nets
Mosquito nets are room decorations that are mandatory in vintage designs, and mosquito nets also give the impression of comfort so that it will make you sleep more soundly.

Now, mosquito nets can be found in online shops at affordable prices. You can also choose the type and size you want.

7. Don’t forget about vintage style photo frames
vintage photo frame
In addition to special decorations such as vases, mirrors, or antique clocks, photo frames with carved vintage designs is a must have item. The carved picture frame that is meant here is shabby chic style.

The carved shabby chic style is consistent with vintage designs that have many motifs, so the addition of these photo frames will reinforce the vintage design in your room.

8. Choose patterned lamp shades, or add your own
patterned lamp shades
Proper lighting will also affect the atmosphere of your room. Rooms that have a vintage design usually use a dim yellow light.

In addition, vintage design rooms use lamps with floral or lace patterns. This will give the impression of an ancient room owned by vintage rooms.

9. Use wallpaper or motif painting
vintage wallpaper
Because the motifs dominate the vintage design, using a patterned wallpaper on the wall will certainly give the most vintage feel.

To avoid the impression of being cramped or excessive, install a patterned wallpaper on only one side of the wall. Or, if you don’t like wallpaper, just use large abstract motif paintings.

10. Add a wooden floor, or just buy a wooden carpet
wood flooring
To give the finishing touches to your vintage design room, use wooden floors to give the impression of vintage antiquity.

Now, if you don’t have the budget to renovate a house and replace the floor with wood, that’s fine. Just buy wood motif rugs that you can get at an online shop at an affordable price.

Now, you already have 10 powerful ways to juggle rooms to have a vintage design. Good luck!

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